Intenet Lifestyle Business Seminar

TITLE:Intenet Lifestyle Business Seminar

DATE: January 27, 2014

TIME: 10:00 am


FEE: ₦3,000.00

VENUE: 36, Esuola street, off Ago Palace way, Okota, Isolo, Lagos

If You Have Ever Heard The Word Internet, or Used That Tiny Device Everybody Is Carrying With Them To Communicate With Other People, Then You Must Not Miss This Revealing, Mega-Money-Making Internet Lifestyle Business Seminar...

This unique seminar is strategically designed to expose you to most of ways you can use to create a lifestyle business in 2014, and we decide to bring it early for you to have a great start to the year!

We have a powerful line-up by any reckoning. But even more awesome is what you will learn from each session.
And to make sure that everybody gets something from this year offer, we are introducing, for the first time, a FREE Customer Appreciation Day in the mix!

Yes, if you cannot afford to come for this 5-day power packed internet business seminar packaged to launch you into an internet business lifestyle in the year, then, you can at least, come to the opening day session… the FREE customer appreciation day for all our customers for their loyalty in the year just passed into eternity!

Okay! You are eager to know the contents for the 5-days…. Hold it! Before you get a scent of what we will be putting in your hands then, here is one more reason why this is a must-not-miss seminar for you.

There has been a speculation that this 2014 will be the toughest year in the history of Nigeria economy.  So, the best way to be secured financially is to attend this one week internet business empowerment event tagged “Internet Lifestyle Business”

Now, listen up! What we are about handing over to you will secure your 2014 financially no doubt and beyond if you will be one of the action takers we are looking for….

It’s a blue print of our online business!
Do you know that you can create an application, which will not take you more than a couple of hours… that literally, billions of people can be using on their phones?

By 2013, mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access device worldwide. - Gartner
Well, the last time I checked, there are many indications that that prediction has already been fulfilled!  In fact, from information gathered in the Nigeria market of recent, the sales of these devices has started impacting the sales of Laptops and desktop PCs as primary tools for internet access in the country.

That is one of the awesome discoveries that await you when you attend this awesome seminar and you will be exposed to even more secrets that you can take advantage of immediately to build your own financial freedom!

In order to make sure that you get the best out of this one-week investment, we have agreed that we would reveal all the latest strategies we are using to earn money online, to you... yes, even you will get to see our account as prove!

Here is what we would be sharing with you at the seminar…
  • New Keywords & Online Market Research Strategies:  Keyword research is the starting point for any real internet business because you need to know what is trending online and how to use it to your advantage. Here we are going to show you all the new tricks and tools to get buyers keyword and in deed, target keyword…
  • How To Create Content site, Pull Lots Of Traffic & Make Consistent Income: How would you like to create your own content sites like Huffington post like and start milking it for profit? Well, come we will expose the tricks to you.
  • Profitable List Building Strategy Using CMSAutoListBuilder: It has been said often time without number that the money is in the LIST! But we dare to let you know that it has to be responsive to make you any dime! So, you will be taught how to build responsive LIST that you can monetize anytime, any day….
  • Secrets To Turning Your Blogging Talent To Cash In Bank…
You will learn how to become an authority in blogging without engaging in any Shady Deals or Tricks just like Linda Ikeji, Bella Naija etc.!
  • Introduction to Mobile Apps & Mobile Website Dev. for Cash: Canalys (June 2011): Predicts that direct revenue from the sale of apps, in-app purchases and subscriptions across smartphones and tablets will be $7.3 billion in 2011 rising to $36.7 billion by 2015. Come and learn how to tap into this market as they begin to explode in Nigeria as well!
  • Speedy Website Design Applying the Responsive design Concept Templates: A website is an online real estate; you will learn how to get yours and setup for others for real cash, in fact, you will deliver at a faster rate with little or no HTML knowledge.… We adopted what’s called a “responsive design,” for this year as a way to introduce you to a design approach that optimizes the user’s experience across different browsers, devices and screen sizes.  View the site on your desktop computer and then resize your browser to see how every page’s content resizes and reorients as you make the width narrower or wider.
  • How To Market Your Products or Services Using The Facebook Cheap Ads System: Social Media Marketing has become the way to market to target customers today, Facebook is the main traffic source… even with boot string budget! Do you know how to go about it? Anyway just come and be exposed to the tricks that make it happen for many and stop wasting time!
  • Introduction to Payment System & e-commerce Strategies: After all is said and done, you need a way to get the money made online to your bank account… here you will be exposed to all the best strategies to cash your your money in safe and secured platforms.
  • How To Setup An e-Publishing Business: Here, you will be exposed to the “how” of publishing your own book and also doing it for others and smile to the bank every month! Yes, we shall be looking at Amazon KDP, Lulu and Smashword just to mention a few as our platform of choice.
  • E-cover Design And eBook Creation: How to design your own EBook cover, plus eBook creation strategies that shows you how to uncover highly valuable Free Resources Online that you can repurpose and sell for a  tidy profit. This is not affiliate… you keep 100% of the profit!
  • Content Generation… Article Writing Mastery: Right now, there is one MASSIVE problem that you just cannot ignore online… it is the need for CONTENT and LOT’S OF IT too… come learn how to solve this problem and you will make more money for you and your family.
  • New Traffic Generation Strategies for 2014: It has been said: No Traffic, No Ranking, and in fact, No Money online...Well, I kid you not, your website + Traffic = Cash! Now, don’t leave your website to languish under Google’s “Panda and Penguin monsters” and be buried under Google sand of SEOs! Come and get first hand strategies to make it happen for you in 2014.
  • Simple Affiliate Marketing Strategies For Fast Profit: There is no doubt that the fastest and the easiest way to make money online is through Affiliate marketing. It’s even much easier; you don’t really need a website to start making money!
  • Fiverr Secrets To A Banker’s Income …Selling Gigs! –The secret has been revealed! Come and you will be shown how you can literally create a Banker’s income Selling Gigs on the World’s Most Popular freelance platform.
Now… can you afford to miss this seminar? I bet you cannot! So, mark your calendar. The date is –January 27-31, 2014; and the venue is SADC, 36, Esuola Street, Off Ago Palace Way, Okota, Isolo, Lagos.
This is the best seminar ever arranged in recent times. But that is not even all.

You will get a FREE COPY of the audio recording of the entire one week of classes. With the Audio CD, you can go back after the training series has ended and listen to any part of the seminar you want.

You will get a collection of software, tools, e-books, and other resources which you will need ... all handed over to you absolutely FREE!
And the fee for all this? …just N3, 000 only!

Here’s how to secure your seat in the first BIG internet event in 2014:

Simply follow the ‘Guidelines on registering for SADC seminars’ below to pay the N3,000 seminar fee - to lock in your seat. But beware, secure your seat NOW… after the required seat in our hall is filled, we will not assign you any seat again!

Note all payments, must be made on or before the day of the Seminar as no cash payment will be accepted at the venue….
And remember: once you attend this seminar, you will be in a position to decide on the Internet lifestyle business to do. Without the knowledge that you will acquire in this course, you will just be wasting your time and your money.


Online Publishing Services, OPS Team,
An SADC Seminars and empowerment Training Team