DATE: January 25, 2014

TIME: 11:00 am

FACILITATOR: Bakare Adewale

FEE: ₦5,000.00

VENUE: 36, Esuola street, off Ago Palace way, Okota, Isolo, Lagos

If you are desirous of a genuine business, solid and sound, with a potential to grow and generate income to the tune of millions in a few months, fibre ceiling casting is that business.
Fibre ceiling fabrication is not just a business that you earn peanuts from. You will earn extra 200% from every board you are able to cast, because the cost of fabricating one board is only N50, while a board is valued at N150 in the market. Imagine for just N30, 000, you can change your life forever.

Application Of Fiber Ceiling Boards

At this hands-on practical workshop, you will be taught how to use locally available materials to produce Fibre ceiling boards like the ones in the picture above for a very hungry market starting, with little or no capital
Between the time this business opportunity was first published in SuccessDigest  in December, 2010, and now demand for practical training have been outrageous.
About 350 people have called me since that story was published showing interest in getting trained, and the number keeps growing.
When this opportunity was revisited in the Evergreen Opportunities page of May 6th 2013 edition of SD, we’ve gotten dozens of requests for practical training again. This workshop is in response to the request for practical training.
Frankly speaking, if you miss this workshop this first time this year, with the way SADC’s seminar timetable is this year, your being able to attend it again this year cannot be guaranteed. So, you’d better seize this opportunity with both hands.
In case you’ve forgotten so soon, fibre ceiling fabrication is not just a skill that you learn and earn peanut from. You will earn extra 200% from every board you are able to cast, because the cost of fabricating one board is only N50, while a board is valued at N150 in the market. Imagine for less than the price of a family takeout, you can change your life forever.

What Is Fibre Ceiling?
Fibre Ceiling is the product of processed newsprint, cement, paint and water. The processed newsprint is the fibre. The fibre ceiling is unavoidably necessary in our interiors. It is used to seal the interior section of the roof over our homes. It is till date still referred to as Asbestos. Caution! This is not ASBESTOS nor is it a component of Asbestos. Asbestos is known all over the world to be hazardous. Fibre ceiling comes in 2feet by 2feet. Its materials are 100% ecofriendly and sourced locally.
You will not just be learning how to fabricate ceiling board at the workshop, a brand new income-generating stream is sure to evolve from this creative training. This is the cutting skills of template for co-fabricators lacking the creative skills.
An attendee of my past workshop, Mr. Oluwanishola, combines this skill with ceiling fabrication for cash.
If you are desirous of a genuine business, solid and sound, that will grow and generate incomes to the tune of millions in a few months, fibre ceiling casting is the business.
Production Output Of One Man Caster/Finisher

  1. Cast 25 boards per day for 24 days = 600pieces

  2. 7 bags of cement in 24 days

  3. 7 bags at N1900 per day                 = N13, 300

  4. Paint 10 by 4litres at N450             =     4,  500

  5. Fibre                                               =     2,  000

  6. Binding tape                                   =     1,  000

  7. Transportation to and from site       =         500

= N21,300
Profit Forecast
Ceiling boards are sold in bundles of 10 each

  1. Divide 600pieces by 10 = 60bundles

  2. Multiply 60 bundles by N1450 retail price = N87, 000

     Less production cost (N87,000 - N21, 300) = N65, 700
     Pay caster/finisher (self)                                 N15, 000
     Profit                                                               N50, 700
Using the above illustration you can measure profit for a 2 man caster/finisher outfit and that of a 4 man caster/finisher up to your desired production status, by just doubling the figures. You will agree that the profit margin an entrepreneur tends to experience from this project is unbelievably enormous.

Materials Used
It will surprise you to know that all of the materials you will need for the production can be sourced locally and even for free in some instances. These materials are newsprint, cement, paint and water. I mentioned free sourcing of some materials. Yes the news print is one of them. I once encountered an Indian neighbor, who offered me his old newspapers, measuring about 400kg. That’s about 8 bags of cement equivalent for free.
I emptied his store of old newspaper which dates back to 2006. This doubled my profit as I only recycled the papers into fibre.
Quite a lot of daily newspaper collector exists in your neighborhood too. They are looking for whom to pay to remove the old papers. However if you don’t get any for free, old newspaper trades are all over the place. We will include that in what you’ll learn.
Market Study
Why are we in business? Is it not to make profit through rendering quality goods/services. But wait a minute…let me show you something because you have not seen any anything yet until you consider this study. Going by the statistics of the one man caster/finisher production setup turning out 60bundles of fibre ceiling in 24days. Assuming he gets a supply contract from just one of the over hundred distributors requiring ceiling boards to sell to millions of estates fast emerging all over the country. The study below reveals the requirement of a two bedroom flat. With this revelation you will waste no time to double workforce from time to time.
1. Bedroom 1 12x12feet            36boards
2. Bedroom 2 12x12feet            36boards
3. Sitting RM 16x14feet            36boards
4. Kitchen  8x8feet                    16boards
5. Toilets (3) 6x8feet                 36boards
6. Lobby 4x2feet                       12boards
192 boards
This is approximately 19 bundles!
For a twin bedroom flats, the board’s need of such will be 19.2 bundles multiplied by two, this equals 38.4 bundles. This will definitely go to about 40bundles by the time we add extras. A twin 3 bedroom flat will require 24.3 bundles multiply by two, this equals 48.6 bundles. With the above facts, it is obvious that every smart entrepreneur will love to leverage on a multi caster/finisher production setup.
Be rest assured that you are 100% rightly positioned, armed with this skill amidst opportunities abundantly evident in the housing sector.
Who Should Attend?
Anyone who requires a skill practicable with low start-up capital and a high profit turn over, would-be entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs seeking multiple streams of income, retirees, trainers, sponsors from churches/mosques, NGO sponsors.
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See you at SADC Main Hall!