Who Else Wants To Earn Between N50,000-N450,000 Monthly From Mini Importation Business Starting With

TITLE:Who Else Wants To Earn Between N50,000-N450,000 Monthly From Mini Importation Business Starting With

DATE: February 22, 2014

TIME: 10:00 am

FACILITATOR: Kakue Gbenegbara

FEE: ₦5.00

VENUE: Success Attitude Development Centre

You Can Start This Lucrative Business Immediately After The Training…
Dear Potential Importer,
Do you want a simple, easy and fast way to make cool money monthly without stress?
Do you want to start a business that is capable of making you N50,000-N450,000 monthly?

If you answer ‘Yes’ to any of the questions above, then do not miss this small scale Importation Business seminar for anything because your financial status will skyrocket permanently after attending this seminar.

How do I know?
Because it did for me!
I was flat-broke and jobless a few years ago, but because I was introduced to small scale importation business, I am a full business owner with 5 staff working for me.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?
My name is Kakue Gbenegbara, a renowned importer, MD/CEO of Trimas Business Concepts, a business coach, a resource person to SADC [Publishers of SuccessDigest Newspaper], a web designer, IT Consultant, an online advert/marketing expert.

I have been interviewed by The Nation newspaper, SuccessDigest Newspaper and other Nigerian dailies on small scale importation business and other online and offline businesses.
When it comes to small scale importation business in Nigeria as a whole, I am the man to seek the best advice or learn from.

Importation business is one of the most lucrative and booming ventures in Nigeria today because as you know almost all the products we use in Nigeria as a nation are imported from either China, US, UK, Canada, Hong Kong and other parts of the world. That is to tell you how profitable small scale importation business is.
Before the advent of the internet, importation business was considered to be a business for rich businessmen only. Not any more!

I have broken that limitation, and even you too can start importing different quality items from abroad without travelling. It is an easy, straight path to real money.

Yes! Anybody, including you, can start small scale importation business with N15, 000 or more right from the comfort of your house when armed with the information that I will be sharing in this training.

Importation business is now a goldmine in Nigeria. You need to go to a place like Computer Village, Ikeja or Alaba International Market, Ojo, Lagos to see how people spend money on a daily basis on things like laptops, smart phones, cameras, computer accessories and many other imported items. As a result of this, importers smile to the bank.

As a minI importer, you can import different items from abroad and sell them in Nigeria with over 100% pure profit per Item. It could be new or fairly used items. This is what I do for a living and I am proud to say so anywhere in the world, because it brings a lot of cash for me to spend.

You import a product for let’s say N100 and sell it in Nigeria for N200 or 300. That is over 100% profit. In some cases you make 200% to 500% on each item you import. That is exactly how small scale importation business works.

A lot of Nigerians are making a good amount of money these days from home based importation business because it is easy, simple and requires very little capital to start.

You can start this highly booming business right in your house. You do not need a store, experience, staff or any technical skill to be an importer.
All you need is a step-by-step guide on how to go about it. And that is exactly what I will be teaching you at the seminar.

All the processes have been made so simple that even a 4 year old schoolboy or girl can do it.
You could start importing any product you like and sell it either on wholesale or retail basis. You could even start this business without using your personal money. I will be sharing that system with you at the seminar hall.

I remember vividly sometime ago when somebody placed order for 5 Laptops and a projector and paid me 100% up front. I imported and delivered the goods without using my own money to import them. And this was a deal that I made over 150,000 from without spending a kobo of my own. That is how good importation business can be.

As far as I know, in Nigeria, few businesses are as profitable as importation business.
Imagine you sitting in your bedroom or kitchen and placing order for an item online and few days later a DHL or FedEx delivering agent is at the gate of your house to deliver your imported items!

You do not need to go to their office to pick it. They will bring it right to your house. Is that not a ‘sweet’ business to do? No Stress and very easy and simple to operate. That is exactly what happens when you operate a small scale importation business.

The only thing you need to start your small scale importation business is your ATM card from any bank in Nigeria.

Even if you do not have your personal computer, no problem, because you can still do it from a cyber cafe. After all, when I started, it was a cafe I started from.
Who is this seminar meant for?

This seminar is for male and female, young and old; as far as you want to earn good amount of money every month or add another source of income to the one you have.

If you can check your email on the internet, you can also do this business. It does not require any special skill. You do not need to be internet-savvy to be able to do this business.

Students, Civil servants, Graduates, Pastors, Retired or about to retire, Corpers, Bankers, Military Personal, petty traders, Job seekers, etc.; this business is for you.

If I am to recommend a good business for my best friend or my beloved son, I would recommend small scale importation business to him or her.

Because small scale importation business is a real money-maker. Look at the likes of Jumia, Konga, Slot and my humble company "Trimas Business Concepts". We are making serious money from importation business.

We all started from somewhere. You could be like us if you attend this seminar.
I have tried other online businesses but importation business is the best when it comes to generating good amount of money quickly.

So if you want to increase your monthly income or you want to add another source of income to your present income, importation business is the business for you.

It is easy to start, no experience required, little startup capital and huge profit.

Is Online Mini Importation Business Real?
I receive a lot of emails and text messages often from people who want to know if this business is real. Some are skeptical about the genuineness of small scale importation business. Importation business is a real and genuine business to start.

If it were illegal, companies like Konga, Slot and Jumia will not be doing it.
You have no problem in so far as what you intend to import is not against the Nigerian law. You cannot import things like Guns and Bombs because they are against the law.

This is me receiving my imported package from DHL

This is me again signing to receive my imported goods from DHL.
One good thing about importation business is that you can either do it part-time or full-time and from anywhere and still make a lot of money from it. It will not affect your current job or business.
If you do not want to do it as a full time business, you can import what you would like to import and supply it to the people who are selling the kind of products you imported and still make a lot of money.

Some Items You Can Import:
New/Used Cars, Laptops, iPads, iPods, Smart phones, Bags, Suits, Ladies Sandals, Male Sandals, Hair Clippers, Shoes, Belts, Computer Accessories, Flash Drives, External DVD drive, Ties, Wrist watches, Motor spare parts, Digital Cameras, Chargers, Batteries, Children clothes, External DVD drives, Designer T-shirts, Brazilian Hair and lots more. Come and learn how to import all these things cheaply and always smile to the bank.

Is Online Importation Really Profitable?
This is another question that people who are interested in this business always ask me. Yes, online importation business is a highly profitable business to do. The opportunity in small scale importation business is limitless.

Even if you do not want to go into importation business, you can still order anything you want from US, UK, Canada, Hong Kong and China for your personal use and at very cheap prices. No knowledge is a waste.

Definitely, you need this information.  Information is power.
Do not think this is hype. It is the simple truth. What you do not know is bigger than you. Get empowered now!

I have received testimonies from almost all the states in Nigeria. My trainings are transforming lives all over the country.

Now is your own turn to benefit from it.
At this training, I will be teaching all the attendees how to import salvage/clean cars for less than N80,000 from US and Canada (this secret has been closely-guarded for decades).

I have trained lots of Nigerians to be small scale importers. And at least, I have more than 200 persons that have benefited from my teachings in all the states in Nigeria.
Testimonies From Past Attendees Of My Seminars

·         Olaide Alim says: The seminar was very good and interesting.
·         Muraina Babatunde says: Great seminar, it was wonderful
·         Prince Momoh says: This seminar on importation business was great, expository and practical. Information that was hidden for many years was exposed to us in the twinkle of an eye. It was highly loaded. Thanks to Kakue Gbenegbara.

I have many more testimonies that space will not allow me to mention here.
I am not saying or showing you all these to brag or impress you but just to let you know that you too can successfully do this business from the comfort of your home. After all, I am not special in any way. If I can do it, you can as well do it, or even do it better.

Some benefits of attending this seminar!
1. Ability to generate good cash monthly from mini importation business
2. Ability to import genuine items by yourself from USA, UK, China, Canada and other countries
3. Ability to import your car directly from US and Canada without any hassles
4. You will be taught how to market your imported items online easily
And lots more.
Come for the seminar, get this life-transforming information, and become financially independent.
Does it sound too simple? Well, it's that simple; if you know the basics which will all be laid bare for all attendees to see at this training.
Take advantage of this opportunity to attend my importation business seminar and you will surely thank me for it.
You can come with your Naira Mastercard or Visa card because you can start your importation business right at the seminar hall.
Finally, I want you to know that you will be getting first-hand information from someone who teaches what he does to make money both online and offline.
See you at the training venue.
Kakue Gbenegbara
(aka The Mini Import Genius, The Generous Importer)